A Few Themes That You Can Use As An Ideas To Redesigning A Boys Rooms.

First, you can use a racing car theme to redesigning a boys room. In this theme the first idea are make checkered flags and a finish line. The colors which are used are black and white. Paint a car or patch a car poster on wall it maybe something fun. A car racing photos of framed calendar can be added. Buy some car racing collections and display it’s in shelves. Use the carpet which is car racing theme such as white and black color like a checkered flag. For the bed you can use car shaped bed racing. You add ornaments of car wheels in his shelves. And the last you can place the logo of each car racing in his shelves.

Other theme is sports. You can choose one or more sports theme in redesigning a boys room. For example, you choose soccer as a theme room. You can use a style headboard with football, you can use bed linen with a picture of football, table lamp with a football-shaped lampshades, hanging shelving is wrapped with wrapping paper are patterned football. On the study table maybe you can put the world cup trophy artificial, with a few small statues of his favorite football figures. The walls of the room you can paint with the color of his favorite football club, then you can hang posters of his favorite team, and their favorite team logo next to them. If you want to add rugs add to the football-themed carpet. And the last touch is purchasing a ball and places it beside the artificial world cup trophy.

It's slightly of me on a few themes that you can use as an idea for redesigning a boys room. I hope it beneficial to you and can give you slightly happiness for you and your family. Thank you.

Gallery of A Few Themes That You Can Use As An Ideas To Redesigning A Boys Rooms.