A Simple Solution To Reduce And Even Stop Your Garage Door Noise

In the last article we have to find out what caused the noise on your garage door when it is opened and closed. Now we will give you a little bit about a simple solution to reduce and even stop the noise coming from your garage. If you have a lot of spare time then you should do your own maintenance garage. Because in addition to saving money by doing your own maintenance will give you satisfaction that you get if you do not call an expert to do it.

Actually cause of garage door noise many caused by the vibration of automatic door openers. Therefore you should try to tighten all nuts and bolts are available to it. Lubricate the top of the springs with lubricating oil. You should Spraying it into each track and its surroundings. If you wear motorcycle chain door openers also lubricate the chain. Every moving part of the door can cause unwanted vibration. Therefore lubricate everything in order not to cause much less vibration noise.

The next cause of garage door noise is your garage door rollers. It’s usually most of the rollers using a metal material. There are a dozen rollers on your garage door should be changed. You should use the rollers are made of nylon. Because it was not too expensive and no needed lubricating oil. After that you have to do is put the pieces of rubber are used as buffers your garage door. This can reduce noise that occurs. If your garage door noise is caused by the garage door meets the floor too hard. Then you can do is to lubricate the spring. But be careful in doing so because the work is usually done by an expert. Do your garage door care routine is the best way.

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