Alluring Glossy Ornament Applied In Modern House

Casa Cachalotes designed by Oscar Gonzales Moix presents the last word modernistic idea by making use of smooth decoration in its design. Situated in luxurious space, this residence seems extraordinary with the modern style both in house exterior and interior.

The home form is in clear lines with glass materials as the main building structure of this house. The glass partitions connect the home inside and the outside space. This makes the home appears open and brilliant identical to the design of an up to date architectural building.

Sleek decoration in house design gives the true openness as the home characteristics. This two floors house is nicely linked with the setting surrounding by the glass materials. Smooth swimming pool is constructed in the backyard of the house.

It is positioned facet by side with the spacious yard with green grass. Beautiful balconies within the second floor present the clear design of a contemporary balcony with simple metal balustrade in vibrant colors. The porch is designed in a really refined way.

This can be the great place to loosen up and sunbathing. Glass elements let the pure light comes into the porch interior. A set of recent furnishings is set in this porch. Wooden beams are installed as the porch roof. Grey concrete tiles are used because the porch flooring. This porch is an outside porch.

Sleek inside concept is utilized in this house. Wooden floors is used in the second ground together with smooth balustrade. Indoor garden beautifies this interior with wooden flooring. The combination between wooden colour and green plants give the right mixture of earth components inside the house.

The staircase is in floating fashion making this interior having sleeker and cleaner look. Glossy decorations shapes are at all times practical however still show absolutely the stylish look, identical to what are applied in this house design.

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