Brightening your Work Days only by Cute Stripped Wall Accents

Do you believe with my statement? I afford to create 10 awesome wall accents only with stripped pattern. Those wall decors are special for your workspace. Evidently, it makes your mood keep on during you stay there. Well, these stripped wall accents not come from me. Yet, I just collect and present it for you. Quadrant Homes release turquoise stripes style. This home interior design paints it opposite to the luxury industrial office desk. Further, planet theme wooden arts support this adorable wall style.

Scheer & Co. creates striking wall accent with yellow stripes. Bold black floating shelves and antique roman clock decorate it. Obvious, they can blend well and result astounding outlook. Under the wall storage is terrific long computer desk. So, you keep working overlooking the wall. Monochromatic palette stripes wall still inserts mirrors. At this time, the wall décor not clads the entire part. Even, it looms behind your cowhide office chair. The aim of the wall design amuses the guests.

Brown and black stripes wall comes for catchy white home office. Actually, it is stylish pottery barn wooden sliding door. By the way, Love Nest Design is the initiator of this idea. Original stripped wood wall brings rustic and cheap sense. Indeed, it has modest look but it is the part of the Murphy bed. Natural stripped wall accent applies long railing wood. This modern home design uses it for the additional storage and wall TV.

Traditional wooden wall gives easy idea to makes elegant stripped. Mid-century home office mixes it with the stucco built-in fireplace. Refined vertical stripped wall accent decorates the luxury home office. Soft grey and white look harmonious for this room. Two tones wall accent just shows grey and white with the same division. Afterward, horizontal stripped wall accent comes in eclectic home office. It exists for calming vibe in grey and white too. Yeah, many ideas emerge from one pattern in which you play with a lot of materials.

Gallery of Brightening your Work Days only by Cute Stripped Wall Accents