Contemporary Penthouse Design With Lovely Outside Patio

Welcome to a contemporary penthouse design of Bellevue Hill Penthouse in Australia. This penthouse is match for you who count on comfy dwelling dwelling in luxurious and fashionable styles. Look at to the first image and your eyes will see a beautiful outside patio on the rooftop.

This spot might be among the finest spots of the penthouse. You will see floating barbeque stove at the outside patio. You also can find a set of contemporary outside furniture finishing the patio area. You possibly can call the patio as the cozy spot in this penthouse.

Look at to the flooring materials on the rooftop patio and you'll find lattice wooden floors around patio area. There is a sliding glazed door in fashionable model because the room separator between the outside patio and the dwelling space.

Now, after you finish with the patio, you can go inside and see the interior design of this modern penthouse design thought by Rolf Ockert Design. Step inside and you will see open floor concept for the room design. You will notice a stupendous dining space at the left side and comfort household room in the centre of the room.

It has marble dining desk with semi-bucket chairs in gray color. What a contemporary dining space! It has a lavish trendy front room with white rug on the floor. You can also discover a consolation couch in white colour and built-in fireplace.

On the threshold room, you will see a calm down nook room with two trendy armchairs in orange color. Right moreover the armchair, you will discover built-in wine cupboard with glass covers. It has a minimalist trendy kitchen design with wood cabinet and slim marble countertops.

You also can discover a modern bedroom in blue shade. You must discover extra rooms through the picture. The designer offers you the perfect trendy penthouse concept in stunning and lavish appearances.

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