Creating A Strong Focal Point In Our Home Interior Design

Focal points are a central concern of our view of a design or a picture or landscape. Every artist should know how to create a strong focal point for a work of art. The artist must know how the audience view they art in order to make a strong focal point. Placement of a good focal point will give a great influence on the overall composition of the artwork. There are some thing ways that we can make a focal point in a room design, they are contrast, Isolation, Placement, Convergent, The unusual. Firstly Contrast, it is something different from the surrounding areas. Difference was highly visible in the form of shape, value, texture, shape or color. If in a room sometimes an architectural feature or the existing furniture in the room can be used as a focal point. To create a Strong Focal Point so you must combine several elements. The second are Isolation; if you isolate an object or element by itself then it will be a focal point. E.g. in a separate room you position a furniture from other furniture. The third is Placement, usually an object that is placed in the middle of a picture or a work of art becomes a focal point. If we go into a room look at what the middle of the room. Objects that you have placed the middle will not affect the aesthetics of your room.

Convergent is one of some ways that is usually done by the artist to create a Strong Focal Point. Directing the audience's eyes by using implied lines is a technique convergent. To design the interior of the room maybe we can use the tracking light as implied lines to a workbench. In the last is the unusual, in fact it is almost similar to the way of contrast, but this is more to something unusual. It’s something like putting a cat in the middle of a bunch of dogs or vice versa.

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