Decorating Your Home With Some Types Of Molding

Molding is a strip-shaped material that serves to cover the transition area between the surfaces, such as on walls and ceilings. Injection molding is often also called or if in the UK and Australia it is also called coving can also be used as decoration only. The materials form of molding, such as wood, plastic or marble stones. Molding idea actually came from a desire to bring the contrast of two things: light and dark without having to add other ingredients or pigment. There are various types of molding that is used in home design, and some of them are basic molding. There are many types of molding on the home design, but the types that will be presented are the basic molding which can be easily found on the home design. We hope this article from useful to you as well.

Crown molding

These types of molding are located between the walls and ceiling. Crown molding typically installed at an angle of 45 degrees.

Baseboard molding

Baseboard is one that is often seen in home design. And homes with older designs always use this type of molding. You can see it between the wall and the floor.


This types of molding is found in many areas around windows and doors

Chair rail

This type of molding is usually located on the wall three feet from the floor and actually functions to protect the wall from the chair.

Picture rail

Picture rail is usually located on the high wall. This type of molding is sometimes used as retaining hooks to hang photos or other.

Wall frame molding

This type of molding is actually not commonly encountered in home design. Wall frame molding is rarely used because it is found only as decoration. Artificially shape like a photo frame. Usually it’s located between the baseboard molding and chair rail molding.

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