Easy Clothing Management System with Practical Open Closet Ideas

When it comes to clothing management, we all want something practical and easy to access. Modern closet organization ideas offer the features but it is not enough if you are a busy people with a lot of activities. Open closet ideas may be the best solution if you want something compact and practical to organize your clothes. These stylish open closet ideas will help you to manage your clothes in practical and easy ways.

This is an image of a modern open bedroom style. This spacious bedroom promotes minimalist space and simple layout. The floating leather cushioned bed is placed in the center of the space. In the far end, the wall is beautified with some storage units that form awesome open closet idea. The open closet uses a small brown cabinet with four shelves.

Two floating wooden racks are also added to add more storage options. Above the floating shelves, another wooden shelf is complemented with a long metal bar to allow you to hang many clothes. In addition, the designer also adds a sturdy wall shelf on the top to keep your bags and other big items.

Another practical open closet idea is shown in this photo. This room uses the corner space to place a compact wardrobe design. This wardrobe design consists of four main shelves that are large enough. Each shelf has its own metal coat hanger. In the bottom, this closet also has built in cabinets with simple drawer designs. The top shelves also look gorgeous with spacious storage and LED illumination.

Meanwhile, this master closet design suits the room space effectively with the use of white fiberboard shelves. These shelves are attached on the wall with marvelous arrangement. The upper wall shelves are functioned for formal as well as casual clothes, while the bottom shelves are used for accessories, bags, and shoes. Overall, those stylish open closet ideas will make your life much easier.

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