Minimalist Architecture Design Inspiration Space Modern Two Story Style Of Villa Inspiration Space Modern Bilthoven Completed With Green Yard For Refreshing Nuance

Fantastic Contemporary Villa Design With Extraordinary Concept Minimalist Architecture Design Inspiration Space Modern Two Story Style Of Villa Inspiration Space Modern Bilthoven Completed With Green Yard For Refreshing Nuance

You may as well see that the façade of this modern retreat is supplied with transparent glass extensively. this massive, 22-meters glass entrance is placed on the massive and spacious dwelling area that opens to the cozy terrace. as you may see, the terrace can be equipped with modern white dining set, which makes this outdoor space as a perfect spot for you and your loved ones to spend the delightful time for supper in summer days outdoors. in case you walk inside the spacious residing area of this villa, you'll find the residing, eating, and kitchen areas combined in a big room. benefiting the extensive glass entrance of this contemporary villa design thought, this room enjoys the intense and airy look resulted from the abundance of light. the interior itself additionally showcases the easy white thought, yet accented with the hint of black that also goes along with the abundance of white perfectly...

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