Fantastic Minimalist Kitchen With Posh Countertop

New Venetian Gold Granite countertop designed by Fireplace & Granite Distributors supply the perfect texture for minimalist kitchen. This granite shade is suitable for white kitchen cabinet. The color of the countertop is in light color theme.

White is the principle color of this countertop. It's mixed with darker spots on it giving daring color accent on the neutral color. This colour theme is appropriate with white kitchen cabinets. The opposite impartial or tender colored cabinets are also suitable for this granite color.

These minimalist kitchen cabinets are organized in L shape. They're manufactured from darkish wooden materials. The dark shade makes these cupboard look classy and elegant. Modern kitchen home equipment in stainless shade are applied in this kitchen interior together with wood cabinets. The stoves are also put in on the counter.

Photograph and some kitchen tools and private things are placed on the counter used as kitchen decoration. The kitchen island is in white color. The upper part of this kitchen island is made from picket supplies painted in white.

Fashionable countertop in Venetian Gold Granite is installed on top of this kitchen island. Wooden floors makes this kitchen seems stylish and warm. The form of this kitchen island surface is unique. It has arched fashion in each edge. White kitchen island that is also cabinet seems to be nice with this gentle countertop texture.

Glass home windows are put in in this kitchen. Recent decoration comparable to fresh flowers make this kitchen appears extra beautiful. The opposite kitchen cabinets in white are also great with this countertop color. White kitchen counter makes the small kitchen has spacious impression.

Mounted kitchen cabinets are additionally in white color. Massive windows brighten the kitchen more. This neutral colour kitchen can be great with texture. Minimalist kitchen texture might be offered by the feel of the kitchen countertop.

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