Feng Shui Elements That Were Presented In The Home Interior Colors

Using the theory from Feng Shui for decorate your Home Interior Colors can be a great option for create an interior atmosphere of your home to be attractive and comfortable for you. Some color groupings follow the theory element from Feng Shui. According to Feng Shui theory each element gives a strong influence on human psychological condition. Some of these elements include: elements water, earth element, the element of wood, metal elements, and the element of fire.

In the theory of Feng Shui if your front door is painted red will bring positive energy to your reputation and fame. The door is an element which very visible, therefore use red or dark orange can provide a very strong influence on this energy. Below are some color grouping based Feng Shui elements for decorates your Home Interior Colors.

First, the wood element which has two groups of colors, purple and lavender that affect the abundance of energy. Strong influence on the richness and abundance from these the color can be presented on the accent wall, artwork. Then lavender can be present in the indoor garden. Then green, its influence may increase the positive energy from family gatherings. Because green is a symbol from the natural life of the world.

The second is water element which has a positive influence on energy careers. The colors which should be used are black, navy blue, and dark blue. Dark the color must be balanced with bright accessories such as light metal, mirror, and a fountain can also be used. The third element is earth element which has an influence on self-knowledge and renewal. In this element you must use the color brown and yellow for Home Interior Colors. Soft light from a candle can create brown and yellow the color. Pink and red the color are also included in the elements of the earth, which effect on your romantic energy. By laying roses you can give this color to your room.

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