Feng Shui Theory In Home Interior Design

The modern era, but a lot of people want to bring back something natural into the design and decoration of their homes. Because in addition to house becomes a place to unwind but also can relieve stress after a long day of activity. Creating a home that is comfortable and fun for the whole family is everyone's dream. And most of them use the theory of feng shui to create the right design and decoration.

Feng shui theory of philosophy is a theory that originated from china where the theory that aims to create harmony in each person with the surrounding environment. The balance between humans and the natural surroundings are very important for human life itself. This theory assumes that there are some elements that may affect human life. Nobody can give a good effect and some are not good.

According to some experts, Feng shui theory is a combination of science and art in which it has a relationship with astrology, aesthetics, ecology, philosophy, and interior design. In the interior design we can create a comfortable dwelling, attractive, elegant, and fun for the whole family. Because feng shui has five elements in which all the elements must be in balance in accordance with the portions of each in order to reach a harmony in interior design. The rule set in a theory in which the designers refer to it as the most basic rules of feng shui.

There are three theoretical foundation of feng shui in general that Qi (ch'i), Polarity, and Bagua. Chi is the energy that moves either positive or negative energy. Chi is usually associated with age, the interaction with the surrounding environment, the orientation of a structure and a few others. While the polarity is symbolized by the yin and yang where it is two parts attract each other. One section provides the power and the other receiving the power. This theory later developed into the theory of five elements. And the last Feng shui theory is the bagua. Bagua is a theory of the cardinal points.

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