Kitchen with L Shaped Backsplash How to Tile a Backsplash

Tiling a backsplash to your kitchen cannot be denied that it can increase the beauty of your kitchen. It is so because it will make your kitchen stay clean especially in cooking area and the various tiles that you can choose as your backsplash are like a painting or an accent to your kitchen.

Nevertheless, it will help you to keep the wall behind the stove and surround it get dirty because of the splash of oil, water, or any materials that possibly stain to the back of the stove when you are cooking. Backsplash is usually easier to clean because it is made of tiles. Therefore you can cook without worrying that your kitchen will look dirty afterward.

L shaped backsplash how to tile a backsplash is basically the same with other shape of backsplash. The first thing to do is turn off every electrical connectivity in the area where you are about to tile a backsplash.

Than, make sure that you prepare the equipment needed to tile a backsplash that you can get from material shop. Then, you can firstly picture and measure how the tiles will look like and how long you will have to leave a space in every corner of the area that will be tiled. Mark the measurement.

Then, you can start to apply a thin-set mortar on to the wall. To prevent drops, put some papers on the counter. Then, you can tile the backsplash on to the wall. After all the tiles are installed, press them to the wall and after for about 12 hours, the mortar will be dry, then you can start applying the grout until all the voids between tiles are filled with grout. After that, clean the excess of the grout. The grout can stain. Therefore you need to seal it. After that, your backsplash is set.

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