L Shaped Barndominiums

Living in a barn? That question would lead to a thought of ‘no’, but these days, barn can be a house that is very functional and also in other hand comfortable and some people even find it beautiful and also decorative. Barndomimiums are basically houses that are made of metal or wood that is inspired by a barn.

So basically, it is a barn that is changed and decorated to be a house to live. This kind of house is growingly popular to the people living in the country, especially in Texas. Texas is the place where barndominium is originated.

Some people would think that living in a barn is going to be very uncomfortable, but if you design it in the way that you can get the pleasure of living barndominium can be not only comfortable but it can offer a lot more than that.

Function and design of Barndominiums

There are many designs of barndominiums that you can choose, and one of them is L shaped barnominiums. The L shape will make the house get more rooms and will also feel bigger than the regular square or rectangular barndominiums.

Barn dominiums are basically less expensive and also less insurance and maintenance. This kind of house can make you pay the taxes cheaper than conventional houses. It is also faster to build and easy to move in than the conventional ones. So it is a good choice to get a more efficient and cheap house.

As for the L shaped barndominiums, you can make it usual in the exterior with red color of wood barndominiums or just a metal house with windows. If you like, in the inside curve of the L shaped barndominiums, you can make it as a little garden, or a small wood gazebo or play ground for your children. While in the inside, you can use laminate wood for the floor, and furniture that are suitable with it. You can play with the lamp to make your barndominium more dramatic.  

Gallery of L Shaped Barndominiums