L Shaped Bungalow for Sea Views

When you want to have a family gathering or a vacation with family and you choose to stay in a bungalow near the beach, you are definitely seeking for some different situation and feeling. That’s why you need to choose the right bungalow that is different with your house in the city.

A classic one storey L shaped Bungalow for sea views can be the right choice to get closer with your family and get to know better with your big family, or a bungalow that is more modern can also be a good choice. There are a lot of L shaped bungalow that are available, but choosing one that can directly let you have the view of the sea is not only romantic, but also refreshing.

Classic and Modern design

One of the best designs of L shaped bungalow near the beach can be one that is built on the cliff of the beach where it is surrounded with trees and flowers. Brick wall design will give more natural feeling that can be more refreshing.

In the corner of the L shape that faces the beach, a gazebo that is made of mostly wood and suitable couch can be the best place to spend the morning and afternoon to wait the sunrise and sunset view.

Another intriguing choice of L shaped bungalow design is one that is more modern where it is built right on the beach with the sea water under the house. This kind of bungalow is best for minimalist design house where most of the wall is using glass wall where it let you get the sea view even inside of the house. This kind of bungalow is good for a honeymoon or to celebrate a birthday party of your partner.

Gallery of L Shaped Bungalow for Sea Views