Laminate Flooring on Wall Ideas

Having some different texture and look on your wall would be great so that that your wall won’t look that monotonous and also boring. You can always put some accent to certain part of your wall to strengthen the decoration of the house or just to differently beautify the house. One of the great ideas in doing this is by applying laminate flooring on wall. It is probably more common that laminate flooring is applied on the floor as its name. However, laminate flooring on wall can be a good choice and also refreshing. The nature texture of wood or stone can let the room breath and give a fresh atmosphere to the house.

Where to install?

The choices of laminate flooring that are good for the wall of your house is basically based on where it will be placed. By considering the function of the house, the surrounding furniture and the concept of the house, you can choose if you want to entirely apply the laminate flooring to the entire wall of the room or you can decide which spot that will be best to be decorated with laminate flooring.

The spots that are usually very common to be installed with laminate flooring is the wall behind the TV in your family room, the wall behind the bed of your bedroom, the wall behind the eating table in the kitchen and also in the wall between the face-to-face sofa in the living room. Those spots are the area that usually catch people’s attention and will make them feel comfortable to have the natural look decoration there.

In the bedroom, it will be good if you choose the wood color laminate flooring with not only one color of wood, but you can also put some different wood color laminate flooring and arrange it in such a way that can make it beautiful. As for behind the TV, you can choose the darker wood color with variation of the arrangement. The kitchen will look more beautiful with stone design of laminate flooring with combination of black, grey and blue stone color.

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