Make Your Interior Living Room Using Formal Style Furniture For Creating An Attractive Atmosphere

Formal style furniture is a style of furniture that is designed for the needs of aesthetics rather than function. In other words, a formal design might be a luxury, great shape, but it might be fragile. The core of this formal style are emphasized on creating an atmosphere that is attractive to you with the old ornament display, contemporary look that is more modern and sleek or provincial refined rusticity.

Traditional Formal

In the Formal style furniture, as well as other styles which have several types, one of which are a traditional formal. In this kind of traditional sense refers to the style originally created for the kingdom. While their origins are European, especially Spanish, Italian, French, and English. Based periods traditionally derived from the seventeenth to the eighteenth century. Characteristics that are carrying have elegant lines, arches and ornate crowded. They usually use a dark wood such as cherry, walnut and mahogany. On the use of fabric brands tend to choose a fabric that is soft and smooth with a very strong motive such as damask and moires.

Formal Contemporary

The second styles are formal contemporary style. In this style refers to what is happening today. This style began to evolve in the twentieth century. In this style, their usually use sleek and straight line. The use of wood colors in this style with a lighter color. In addition you might find the use of laminated finishes, glass, stone, and metal. For skin use only as an additive to strengthen the fabric look attractive. Then they are also using a pattern with a variety of free form and bold, or could also monochromatic fabric.

Provincial Formal

The last styles of formal style furniture are formal provincial style. This style was created in the European style which evolved from a luxury into a style that is simple yet elegant. This style much favored by the rich landowners. The characteristics are in the form of wood carving decoration with gold paint on its surface characteristics. They use a soft satin, stripes, tapestries, floral, and toiles. Then the colors of this style are favored by sunny yellows, vegetable colors, and Venetian blues.

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