Making A Drapery Panels By Yourself

From the last article we have stated about the things that need to be prepared before making drapery panels. Now we will immediately talk about making their own panels to your window decorations. For that there are some tools and materials you need to prepare, i.e. fabric, tape measure, sewing machine, flat work surface, lining, straight pins, and iron.

First you have to cut the fabric panels in accordance with the size of the window that has been measured. Create a double hem on the bottom. After that you can create a single foldover also at the top. When cutting the fabric adjust the pattern or motif of the fabric. If you want to use the panel lining along the hem of the lining should be cut shorter than the fabric panels. Then lining fabric drapery panels and sewn together and hemmed.

After you hem the bottom panel, turn and head up along a seam on both sides. Then you can sew a channel on the top of which is rolled into a rod. Or you can attach the rings to be used as a tool to shift the drapery panels on a rod. Make sure the width of the panel that will pass through a rod. Made wide enough so that the panels can overlap at the center and back to each end. The rest of the width of the fabric is folded evenly on top. Then you fold like an accordion, but before you have the fabric is divided into 3 sections. Tide hooks panels on each pleat. After that you can attach the panel to the rod. Do not press the crease after the panels are hung, but make folds gently through your hands and bind with loose ties. If the bond is removed panel of pleats will fall directly into the floor.

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