More Expressive By Using An Informal Style Furniture

If a style of furniture is more emphasis on the function of the furniture more than anything, so we can call this style is informal style furniture. If you want to design or decorate a room using an informal style then you should consider are about the comfort and smoothness of the functions on your interior. In this style, it does not mean the consideration of aesthetics and pleasure will be discarded. But they will be offset by the usefulness and benefits in your daily activities.

Informal Traditional Style

Such as a formal style, informal style furniture also has several types, such as: first, informal traditional style which combines many attributes of traditional formal. The characteristics of this style are that they use a lighter wood. Function of furniture is more important than adherence to period. Then these styles like with cloth cheaper maintenance costs. But it also uses a solid color.

Contemporary Informal Style

The second, are contemporary informal. In this type style emphasizes relaxed element of any inspiration. Lightweight wood materials but have more texture. Then they would prefer to use a metal-containing patina rather than a smooth surface. On the use of their fabrics are nubbier and more durable. Side or edge more curved or rounded periphery. They also use embellishments and loose pillows.

Informal Provincial Style

The third styles are informal provincial style. In this style they are more likely to highlight the rustic style to the entire zoom. This style is also known in English, French, and American. Fabrics they use are handmade woven fabric with a strong texture, printed and have a mix of patterns and colors are typical. For the use of wood they probably paint or with treatment on the surface. They usually use a cane as an additional timber.

Informal Eclectic Style

Last styles of the informal style furniture are eclectic style. This style is a combination of all the styles that could use by both formal and informal. The combination of different styles is that can be displayed by color, theme and function.

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