Organized Your Interior Colors With Feng Shui Colors OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

You can energize your home through your interior color. below are some of feng shui colors which provide a different energy to the interior of your home: to increase the energy of your career, the color black, navy blue, and dark blue you can use. color because it contains water element.to increase energy self-knowledge and renewal, brown and yellow colors you can use. brown and yellow is earth element.if you use colors which are pink and red earth elements you can improve your romantic energy.if you want to increase the positive energy from the family gatherings, you should use green wood element.besides the color purple and lavender which is the element of wood can increase the positive energy of abundancemetal elements have colors like white, gold, and silver which has a function to create your creative energy.in addition it is also included in the color gray metal element which can increase the positive energy of the travel.and which last element of feng shui colors is the element of fire with dark orange and red color can improve the positive energy of fame and reputation...


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