Recessed Lighting Put As One Component of the Interior Design of Your Home

Lighting is one important element of the interior design of a house. Lighting used for the interior design has derived from natural lighting and there is derived from artificial lighting. Natural lighting in a home design is utilizing sunlight into your home. Sunlight is also important because in addition to the aesthetic value but also as a factor that helps provide a healthy environment to humans. Therefore the design must also consider the elements of health for the residents. Especially how to design a house that has air circulation and sunlight are good. So in addition to the aesthetic value of the occupants will get the value of health.

And then there is called the artificial lighting. This type of lighting is done by using a light. There are various types of lights that can be used, such as bulbs, fixtures, chandeliers, pendant lamp, ceiling lamp, and many others. Here we will not discuss these lights, but we will share a little bit about recessed lighting.

Recessed lighting is a light mounted on the ceiling, does not hang on the ceiling, but drowned in the ceiling. Recessed lighting in the two parts which compose it. The first is called trim, is the outermost part of the lamp, or the casing is being installed on a hollow opening in a ceiling. The second is called the housing which has the meaning of the lamp itself that has the lamp holder.

When you are building or renovating your home interior design using recessed lighting there are some things that you must consider for the installation of recessed lighting provides aesthetic value to your new interior design. Some ways those include the benefits of lighting itself for the room, the lighting position, its sizes, type of lamp to be used, and the constructions of your home, such as ceiling materials of your home.

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