Selecting And Determining a Chandelier.

The chandelier has a special attraction for those who see it. Using the chandeliers in interior design is for enhancing a beautiful room so as to provide aesthetic value to the room itself. Adding chandeliers within home lighting for the interior design of your room should be well considered. Because if you did not do it so then the chandelier will not necessarily to make your interior design looks interesting and fun. In determining a Chandelier some things that need serious attention are about the sizes of the chandelier. The chandeliers size selected is should be appropriate to the size and theme of your interior design. If the room is small so you can use the small chandelier, and vice versa.

You must give more attention for determining a Chandelier. If your room is less than 100 meters square you should use a chandelier with has diameter about 18",19” 20". If your room has 144 meters square so you can use the chandelier with diameter about 26" 27". And if you have a room approximately 196 meters square the chandelier that you use should be about 25", 26”, 27”, 28”, 29”, 30”, 31” 32".

The chandeliers distance from the surface of the table should also be taken into account. It is intended that the resulting light can illuminate the room perfectly. The chandeliers should be hanged with a height of about 30 "from the table surface. Amount of the overall wattage of all bulbs should be used between 200 watts to 400 watts. And then the shapes and materials of the chandeliers should be adjusted with the theme of your interior room. If you are designing the interior room with modern style, so you should use the chandeliers with few ornament, and then for the contemporary style you can determining a Chandelier with more ornamentation. But in my suggestion in the modern style of interior its better you shouldn’t uses a chandelier. Usually the chandelier is characteristics of the traditional style and also in the contemporary style.

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