Several ways for you to know what your furniture style that you are using

What if you want to change the furniture style that you now are using with other styles? But you have to know what style you are using in your room. If you do not know what your furniture style that you are using, there are several ways that you can use to figure it out.

First, look at the furniture you have. Is there anything that makes you not able to see it as rickety chairs or tables that have outlived of their role? Then look at your wall, is there a family photo? Are there Abstract painting? Of content, color and texture of the walls of your house, it could say more about whatever you like.

Then go around of your house, and look at the last items that you buy. Are you buying only goods that have similar or very radical differences that alter the style your home?

Between the rooms where the entire room you have that you like? Do you ever change it? Look at to the parts forming the room and see if there is the same on the other room? You could record the same color also with the same texture at the other rooms. And is there any related objects?

Sometimes-cage you collect something that you yourself do not understand for what. This could be a clue for you. What do you collect and what the difference is? You can figure out the theme through it. It could have been from the color, shape or texture of, or of the mood of the stuff that makes you collect.

Record your favorite stores. Not just a place where you buy furniture style but can also store where you buy clothes, or the store where you usually go to buy other items. From the shop where you can get you’re shopping a lot about your personal taste and style. Your furniture style can develop your personal style.

Finally think of something where you really want to go there. What do you want to take it from there? If you could go anywhere, then you'll go? What are you doing there? What you take from there? This is a lot to tell about anything that you could move and excite you and could help you develop the right look for your home.

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