Some Inspirations To Design Home With Mixing Different Period And Furniture Style

Design of a house cannot be separated from the furniture used. If the physical design of the house is good but it is not supported by the furniture style that is suitable and in harmony with the design of the house, so it will not make homes look attractive. Could even make in anyone feel uncomfortable when they are in it.

Because a home should draw at home to make anyone who sees it, the furniture becomes a very important role in designing a house or room. When designing of course we have to determine what furniture style we want to make. Occasionally we ask or discussions with our families (where they also lived with us) or wife about what style we want to present in the design of your home or room.

When you discuss with your family certainly there are a few alternatives as the choice of furniture the style of that you are select. You may have more of a desire or taste both of which are having to be fulfilled. Or indeed we want it combined both become in the style of interior design of your room or house. If so then it might be done. But it should be noted that the style of must create harmony between it.

Some furniture from several different periods can be mixed for a house or interior rooms design which attractive. However there are a few things to consider when you want to combine different furniture of different periods and the style of. Some of these include: first, select one of the furniture style which would dominate your room then put one or two types of collections. After which combine few types of collections of other styles. May occur contrast but look blends well.

Which second, in use of furniture made of wood, the same wood type material furniture maker will blend well when combined although both come from different periods. Third, the fragments of the same characteristics and size would fit when combined together.

Fourth, the color can become material that brings together a group of different furniture the style of. Fifth, contrast giving an added value of the interesting differences is emphasized. Change the character of a part to put stuff in the factory or casual on formal antique chair or a chair, and vice versa

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