Stylish Renovated House with Sustainable Design in Australia

Have you ever tried to renovate your home? Renovation is sometimes more difficult that you have to carefully choose the next design for your home. However, for Andrew Maynard Architects, renovation is just a piece of a cake. They recently finished the renovation of a house in Seddon Australia with proud. The old structure is transformed into a fascinating modern living space with sustainable design. Stylish and sustainable, this renovated house is worth seeing.

The interior of this house is directly connected to the outdoor garden; making it so close with nature. This narrow structure this house employs cooling ideas and passive heating. Abundant natural light comes to brighten the room through large skylight windows on the ceiling. Moreover, this house uses exposed steel frames and metal exterior wall panels that evoke industrial outlook. In backyard, the outdoor space shows inviting nature with compact grass landscape and stone pavement. Moving inside, the dining set offers smart decorating idea in its small space. Combining white concrete wall and wood plank wall, this space accentuates warm and calm characteristic. A compact wooden table fused nicely with lovely blue chairs and a black bench with blue backrest cushion. The unique white light bulbs work together with a spherical pendant lamp to give soothing lighting effect to the room. Also, the presence of two large sliding glass doors lets in the day sunlight and gives nice outdoor view.

An ultra-small bedroom also looks nice with the smart decorating idea. Using a compact single bed with tufted leather headboard as focal point, this space looks even more appealing. To the right of the bed, the brick wall is installed with a traditional fireplace mounted on it. A unique lamp with frill lampshades also beautifies the white plasterboard. Meanwhile, the sliding glass door also makes the room look bigger.

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