If you choosing aniline leather for your leather furniture so then you can feel your furniture leather are soft, comfortable. Because it making with minim process and the result of the process are it still natural look. So it has unique marking and characteristics also can make different with other types. Semi-aniline leather type are has some advantages such as it more strong than aniline leather and it more afford to stains. And the pigment leather advantages are easy to stands up and maintains for uses and conditions that are differences. In our previous article we had been introduced you about the sources of leather furniture that popular in the market place. There are many sources of leather that used in many industry wheathear it cottage industry or heavy industry. The most famous leather materials in the market are pigmented, aniline, and semi-aniline leather. You might be confused to choosing the material of leather furniture that you want to buy it. Now we will give you some information about the leather furniture advantages and disadvantages. Furniture & Furnishing.