Window valance are well known since the early Georgian period and Baroque (1643-1730). It is a part of the window which can be hanging together with the curtain or blinds. But sometimes we can see the valance hanging alone without curtain. Valance also called window top treatments because their positions are in the uppermost of the window treatments. It usually hung just below the crown molding. If the valance using together with the shutters window, curtain, and shades it give the soft impression in our interior decor. The fabric valance usually made of poly/cotton, satin, velvet, silk, polyester, faux silk, Jacquard and linen. On some window which has more widely it size of a deep are more than 15 inches. But it usually not more than 15 inches. Some types of window valances are Balloon Valances, Swag Valances, Ascot Valances, Italian Valances, and Box pleat. We will share to you in the next article about the tips how the windows valance type that we should use in our interior décor. Interior Design.