The Chinese culture they put south at the top of a map or diagram. Because it is describes the warm summer as the peak of the good season in a year. And south also gives a lot of positive things such as fortune, fame, and celebration. Therefore at this season of all human life go better. This season is closely related to the element of fire, which means warmth and red colors are in these position. On the theory of feng shui if you want to get fame and fortune in your life then you should put a red candle in the corner to the south in the family room or you can also put it in the office. Then if you have a south-facing door should be painted using red color. In addition to gain fame and fortune, benefits repaint door facing north with a red color is to protect us from evil. But to remember that the elements do not combine with water because the nature of water is to extinguish the fire, and of course your business with theory of feng shui will be in vain. If so then these happens is called the combination creates destruction. Ideas & Inspirations.