Hanging bedside lamps are lamps that hanging on sides of the bed. The design of the hanging lamp is various. There are many options that you can choose based on the overall decoration and interior of the house. If you have a minimalist interior of bedroom, you can then choose the hanging lamps that will make the bedroom even prettier like the square shape hanging lamps in red. The red color will look stand out compared to the black and white color o the room. Black and white colors are also suitable for the minimalist room. When you look at your bedroom, the furniture that you will see directly is the bed. The bed will give a big impression to the overall decoration of your bedroom. You can make it dull or fabulous depends on whether the decoration of the bedroom suits the bedroom. The bedroom is not only the bed and the bedcover, but the other decorations are that usually put on both sides of the bedroom. There are several things that people usually put on sides of the bedroom like; bedside table, a clock, a flower, photos, lamps and telephone. Interior Design.