However, there are some common young lady room that can be a guidance. Usually, she would like to have a curtain in double color, as example, you can try white with pink or white and red. It is also good to have a window seat with matching color. You can add some small pillows with various pillowcases for the window seat. Another thing they like is to have a small beautiful drawer-desk where you can put a chair next to it near the window. She would also like to have a big mirror with beautiful boarder. Don’t forget the bedcover and the carpet for the floor in front of the bed. The first thing to remember before decorating the bedroom is finding out if she likes her bedroom or not. If she loves it as it is, then, decorating it will probably not make her as happy as you imagine. But, if she clearly has the thought of decorating her bedroom, then you can go to the next tips. The second thing you need to know is what color that your daughter likes. Bedroom.