If you have the front door color are painted with red then it means never shy. Intention is unabashedly welcoming. Because the red color mean a loyalty and affection. For the front door home painted with black which has the meaning that a twist of boldness and individuality. He loves a history. Therefore its rarely front door is painted with black color. Then if the color of front door home using a burnt orange, it has a warm and nostalgic meaning. Using this color for entrance door are recommended because it’s all about comfort and family. Then there is a blue door, it like an old friend when we say hello to her house. Blue is a color of which friendly and fun. White the color of on front door home means to simplicity and easy living. The front door color which using white or a neutral color means simple. And the last is a green the color of on the front entrance home which could bring the natural world into the home. Green is the color that is used for the contemporary design style. Exterior Design.