Firstly use a clean washcloth and gently. Then you dampen cloth with the water but not too wet because it can drip on the surface of your leather furniture. To keep in mind is only necessary dampened the cloth. If necessary when you clean leather furniture you can use the spray. After that you can prepare the soap. But use a very mild soap and in small quantities. We recommend that you use ivory or dove. Just a little dab of soap on a rag that has been dampened. Before you starts cleaning up do not forget for testing first on a hidden or rarely seen and then let that dry out. Clean up immediately as soon as possible before the material changes color. After you test clean your leather furniture with extreme caution. Drain the remaining water is still moist with a clean dry the cloth. Do the tips above by way of caution so that no mistakes when you clean it. And you should be diligent for clean leather furniture because if you do it regularly then you can save money. But if you are in doubt, you should call the experts. Furniture & Furnishing.