For those who are tomboyish. You can be more simple in choosing the color of the wall, you can choose blue and white combination, or even black or red for some accent in the bedroom. You can choose a bedroom that is plain but comfortable, because you don’t really care of the shape of the bed as long as it is comfortable to sleep on. Even if you are tomboy, it doesn’t mean that you can be messy. You can add some portable drawer to put your things, or some special drawer for your collection of books or anything that suit you. You can choose the soft blue ribbon as a border of your room. As for the furniture, you can try to choose the bed that is plain white and designed like a simple lady bed. You can place a desk with drawer next to the bed and a sleeping lamp on it. You can place your bed next to the window. You can also choose big pink or white cupboard to keep your clothes, or you can install a toilet that is especially designed for keeping your clothes or other accessories. Bedroom.