The Difference Meaning Of Design And Decoration

In this article I will share information with you about what is design and what is decoration also it differences. Perhaps you did not know about decorating and did not understand about design; also you might think that design and decoration has same meaning.

Decorating work is a part of the design work. Decorations only work at the end of a planning design job. Doing decorating job is not requiring decorating school or it credentials. There is no school for being a decorator. Decorations works are not including the structure of the building on a design plan.

Decorations are only focus on furniture styles, space planning, room layouts, color and fabric. Not all of the experts working on the contactor decoration but generally they work at the company or factory furniture, upholsterers, and others. While for an interior design is related to several important aspects, including the function and decoration of a room.

A job to do several things: design, plan room, visual presentation, define and understand the style, materials, and products to be used in interior design, know and understand about the texture, color, lighting and other factors, to understand the structure of the building is needed in design and decoration planning.

From the description above it is seen that the designer doing the overall design and decoration work from an interior planning. Meanwhile the decor is only working at the end of an interior planning. The designers must follow school diploma as a designer and get their legality to work as a designer.

Therefore if you want to renovate the room that might have to change the shape or structure of the building then we suggest you'd better call the designer. Because only designer who knows about the structure of your space, how to fix it and change it according to what you want.

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