The Preparation To Make A Drapery Panels For Your Window Decoration (Do It Yourself).

Drapery Panels are used for decorating fabric window treatments. This cloth is usually often called the curtains. The fabric panels are installed using the rod. And its main function to provide privacy to the occupants. Add a panel to your window decorations gives the impression of cool or warm and will certainly complement your interior decor.

Most designers assume that the use drapery panels will save your budget for your window frame. But to add panel in your interior decor should consider some important things to your home interior decor you become warmer and cool. Each manufactures produces panel with a wide variety. You can find a sheer or a heavyweight in the market when you are going to buy it. But you will not necessarily be able to find the most suitable for you to use on your window. Therefore in the following article we will present some tips for you to make Drapery Panels by yourself for your window decoration.

Before you buy a rod you should measure the width of your window. Make sure the size is not missed. Then attach the rod to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Then hanging the rod just below the crown molding of your interior decor. Then make sure the size drapery panels to be used. Size typically used is 2 ½ times wider than the width of the window. But if you choose to use a sheer fabric so the size you use is 5 times the width of the window. This aims to give a sensual look. To help you choose a suitable fabric to the fabric store to ask the staff that you do not choose the wrong. On the next article we will give to you about how to make the drapery panels do it by yourself.

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