The Traditional-Style Furniture

If you like the traditional-style furniture made from wood with a slightly darker color and carvings, you are one of those who like the traditional style. Traditional the furniture generally takes inspiration from the furniture made by the European empire in the 17th century until the 19th century. His ideas look luxurious and have a lot of carving and decoration. When viewed in all of then he seemed more crowded than other furniture style.

All kinds of traditional furniture will not look the same as many variations at these types. A traditional style inspiration is determined by the period and styles their respective regions. There are some types of traditional style that we can make reference: Old world style: the traditional-style furniture has inspired the furniture European region, namely the uk, italy and france. Its characteristics seen in the carvings and details such as acanthus leaves and shells. Also gilding, lacquer, inlays and other ornamentation. Dark dark woods such as oaks, cherry, mahogany, and walnut.

Campaign and plantation style: this style is closely related to and evolved from the British colonial period colonial wars and expeditions. Characteristics are furniture can be folded and taken to another place. Legs could fold. This style is an outgrowth from the traditional European style. But after some period it adjusts to a more simple style like the American style.

Characteristics are medium to dark finishes, painted finishes, inlays spindles and finials lyre back chairs, sofas and column lyre pedestal tables. Previous description is a brief explanation of the traditional-style furniture, hopefully from the above discussion could give a little advice to you in understanding about traditional style furniture.

Gallery of The Traditional-Style Furniture